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Reinforce your boom gate with Australian bollards Magnetic Automation

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Reinforce your boom gate with Australian bollards Magnetic Automation

The Australian Bollards Magnetic Automation AB-DBA-900 Boom barrier now comes with new safety features that promotes ease of accessibility and efficiency.  This illuminated boom barrier is a turnkey solution, ready to be implemented in your business’ entrance to ensure security and protection of your assets.

The AB-DBA-900 comprises of three new aspects; the magnetic lock & stand, a blue strobe light and alarm, and an app that controls the use of the boom barrier. Integrate your boom gate into your business, university entrance and exits, airports, hotels, car parks and secure areas.

The magnetic lock and stand enables the boom barrier to lock and hold into the stand, securing the arm against any strong force. This stand can be customised to come in either white or yellow. When in use, a warning alarm beeps as the boom arm is going up or down. The blue strobe light acts as extra protection, alerting all that the boom barrier is being accessed, and illuminating any guests on your property. The app allows for complete access control over the boom barrier, with a simple use of a click for the barrier to elevate and another for it to return to the secure magnetic lock and hold stand. The app is compatible with both IOS and Android systems.

Our AB-DBA-900 illuminated Boom Arm is ideal for night-time visibility and safety, increasing awareness for drivers in the evening. The boom uses DIA illuminated LED balls, a proficient way to maximise safety by using a colour coded system. When the boom gate is closed it illuminates red, signalling to drivers to stop. Upon entry the boom gate will lift and illuminate green, allowing passage to the driver.

Reinforce your boom gate with Australian bollards Magnetic Automation, call +613 9459 3488 or visit our website to find out more.

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