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Petroleum Range of Asset Protection

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Asset Protection Security Bollards - NJM Group - Australian Bollards - Fuel - Petrol - Gas - Service - Station

Here at Australian Bollards we have a wide range of asset protection security bollards. Bollards are placed at petrol stations all around Australia, to protect fuel pumps and other service station equipment from vehicle collision. While the main reason for the bollards is to protect against accidental or intentional vehicle collision, they are also a deterrent for thievery and violence, especially for petrol stations that are open during the evening hours. Our Asset Protection Security Bollards have been installed at Caltex to protect their service station and assets.

Asset Protection Security Bollards - NJM Group - Australian Bollards

At the Caltex operated convenience stores (Calstores/Star Mart), security measures have been implemented to deter late night crime. With a combination of several security tactics, bollards have been a massive deterrent for theft at Caltex stores. Calstores Operations Manager Craige Beck supports the installation of Bollards at Caltex and encourages other retailers to do the same,

 “Since the bollards were introduced there hasn’t been a single successful smash-and-grab at Caltex-operated sites”.

Australian Bollards encourages BP, 7-Eleven, Liberty Oil, United Petroleum, Mobil, Gilbarco Veeder-Root, and all fuel station companies to provide the same high level of protection for their service stations.

Our Asset Protection Security Bollards protect your fuel and other assets. For more information on please call 03 9459 3488 or visit our website today.

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