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Lighting the Path – A Soft Approach to Hard Security

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Illuminated Bollard - Australian Bollards

Most accidents occur at night due to lack of visibility on the roads. Australian Bollards have a range of bollards that illuminate surroundings, ensuring public safety. We have an array of Illuminated Bollards, including solar bollard options that provide a green alternative to night-time safety.

Illuminated Bollard - Australian Bollards

Our Illuminated Bollard range have intrinsic designs that artistically enhance the area. They come in all shapes, sizes and designs, can be engineered to PAS 68 protecting against Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM), serving as a soft approach to hard security.

Illuminated Bollard - Australian Bollards 

While we have a range of Illuminated Bollards, there are a couple of personal favourites.

The VanGuard Bollard (AB-SW-01) is a spherical shaped designer bollard with fixed LED light strips curving the round centre, our definition of a soft approach to hard security. The bollard is designed specifically to enhance the atmosphere for pedestrians during the evening. The weight starts from 450kg, with options for heavier metrics and comes in a range of nine granite finishes.

VanGuard Illuminated Bollard - Australian Bollards

Inspired by nature, Banksia bollard (AB-B-01) is architecturally designed to resemble Australia’s native wildflower. The Banksia is intended to seamlessly blend into nature and parkland city areas with its sculptural design. This decorative bollard lights up with customisable colours to suit its environment.

Banksia Illuminated Bollard - Australian Bollards

At Australian Bollards we pride ourselves for being environmentally conscious while protecting the public. We have Illuminated Bollards that are Solar Powered designed to protect your business or residential area, ideal for pathways, resorts and outdoor functions. Our Solar Bollards range are a aesthetically designed viable alternative to fixed wiring. Our most popular from the Solar Bollards range is the AB-SB800-260LED. The light in this bollard automatically switches on in the morning and off in the evening by detecting day light.

Solar Illuminated Bollard - Australian Bollards

For more information on our Illuminated Bollards please visit at our Designer Bollards website or for our Solar Range visit Australian Bollards or contact our friendly team today on +613 9459 3488.

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