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High-End Parking for Hyatt Regency

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Australian Bollards works alongside ZEAG from Hub Parking for a complete parking solution.

The team from Secure Parking in WA recently refurbished the Hyatt Regency in Perth with Hub Parking’s ZEAG equipment for parking solutions. Australian Bollards has installed products alongside ZEAG equipment in the newly opened Prahran Square Carpark. These products are among the best in our Car Park Crash Railing Systems and car park securities. 

Prahran Car Park - Australian Bollards

ZEAG has 50 years of experience in the industry, offering high-end solutions for off-street parking. It has a worldwide presence providing solutions in the most exclusive hotspots in the globe; the busiest Airport in the world – Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the number one shopping mall in the African Continent – Umhlanga Centre Durban, and one of the largest parking operators in North America – Toronto Parking Authority.  In Perth’s Hyatt Regency, they have installed ZEAG parking solutions, complimentarily protected by bollards, ensuring safety and security.

Hyatt Regency - Australian Bollards

ZEAG’s promotes a positive parking experience, with its; high-end design, smart software and user-friendly system. The parking solution offers ID technology, Swiss engineered durability and secure maintenance service. The system includes; entry/exit barriers, automated pay stations, and validation solutions to promote business and customer loyalty.

At Australian Bollards, we have worked alongside ZEAG products and provided a complete parking solution to protect their systems. Our Bollards and Electronic Display Systems have been used in collaboration with the ZEAG entry/exit systems, displaying rates on our EDS screens in Prahran Square.

Prahran Car Park - Australian Bollards

Our EDS-43 Dynamic Variable Rate Boards (DVRB), is a Variable Message System (VMS) and Parking Guidance & Information System (PGI) that can be used to provide real-time information on vacant parking spaces and directions for the driver.

For our complete car park package, we also offer;

-Electric Vehicle Charging stations (EV) with interactive LED screens

-Electronic Display System screens (EDS)

-A range of customisable PAS 68 engineered Bollards

-Recycled Wheel Stops

-Speed Bumps

-Stainless steel Trolley corrals

-Personal parking spot solutions with My Space bollards

-High-end Handrails and Balustrades

-Boom gate systems and arms

-Infrared Sensors

Prahran Car Park - Australian Bollards

For more information on ZEAG off-street parking equipment, visit Hub Parking’s website, to inquire how Australian Bollards can provide a complete parking solution please call today on + 613 9459 3488 or visit our website.

Australian Bollards works alongside ZEAG from Hub Parking for a complete parking solution.

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