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Centurion Sliding Bollard

Introducing the Centurion Surface Mounted HVM Sliding Bollard System; an innovative A.I. Solution, providing engineered protection and access control. Available for sale or hire at a moments’ notice; no excavation necessary.

It is fully operational and can be seen at our Australian Bollards head office today.

At Australian Bollards we have the complete Centurion HVM Sliding Bollard System (AB-MRS370-PAS68-IWA14.1-4), a ground-breaking solution to providing sliding bollards in public areas. It consists of sliding bollards flanked by fixed bollards. It is the only solution for hire in Australia that is engineered to PAS 68 and IWA 14.1, designed to stop a 7.2 tonne truck travelling at 48kph.

The Centurion is engineered to serve as a protective barrier against vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (VBIED) and Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM), protecting while simultaneously allowing passage for vehicles in emergency situations.

Centurion Sliding Bollard

The Centurion Sliding Bollard System is complimentarily an A.I. Solution that will enable you to complete access control. Infra-red sensors are placed on either side of the system, with built in drive unit and control log; allowing for full gate control, from up close and at a distance.

The Centurion HVM Sliding Bollard System is available for sale or hire anywhere. This includes but is not limited to festivals, national days, markets and events across Australia; White Night, The Royal Melbourne Show, Anzac Day March, the Australian Open, the AFL - any activity that requires public safety in a moments’ notice. Certain bollards can vertically retract into the ground to allow for traffic access; however, these bollards need excavation to be put in place. Those bollards serve as permanent fixtures, not as a solution for public safety at events. Our Centurion sliding bollards do not need any excavation and are ready for hire at a moments’ notice.

Call today on +613 9459 3488 or come on down and ask one of our friendly staff members to show you the Centurion today. 

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