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Australian Bollards – Anti Ram-Raiding Solutions

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IGA in Westmeadows

Claudio’s IGA in Westmeadows, Victoria, has been the subject of attack and robbery with two men ram-raiding its shopfront to access the ATM. The men used a Bobcat construction machine to pull out the embedded ATM structure, leaving significant damage to the IGA windows. Police caught up with the two men after receiving a call notifying them to the scene. Here at Australian Bollards we can help protect your assets with bollards designed to safeguard your ATMs, shopfronts and banks. We have provided bollards to supermarkets like IGA to secure the premises from Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM). Most of these supermarkets have standalone ATMs as well as embedded ATMs, our bollards can be installed to protect both types.

ATMs with bollards by Australian Bollards

Our bollards are high impact absorbing and can be engineered to PAS 68 and IWA.14.1 standards, withstanding a 2.5 tonne vehicle traveling at 64kph. These bollards are a perfect solution to protect shop fronts and ATMS from HVM and Vehicle Borne Explosive Devices (VBIED).

Bank of Melbourne with bollards by Australian Bollards

These bollards can be installed outside of the bank/shopfront or within the business itself.

St George's Bank with bollards by Australian Bollards

Another solution we provide is Securecloak. Securecloak is a security system which emits a non-toxic fog in 4-6 seconds filling up the entire area, while alerting the alarm. The fog combined with the alarm disorientates thieves, leaving them no choice but to leave the scene. The Securecloak system can be installed in shops, banks and also in ATMs.

For more information on how we can help protect your shop, bank or ATM please call today on +613 9459 3488 or visit our website.

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