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World Class Protection for World Class Athletes

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The Gold Coast Commonwealth Games have begun with a roar. Australia has won gold in several events, keeping up our reputation as some of the finest sportspeople.

Queensland is protecting the athletes with elite protection and futuristic security technology. It’s almost a gold medal performance -- they just need something to secure the roads and 23 games venues.

Australian Bollards offers a sturdy safety solution that looks right at home in an urban environment. Every day, bollards prove themselves by instantly stopping speeding cars and VBIED-armed vehicles before they can do any damage.

Times may seem uneasy, but there’s a simple way to get those wary potential ticketholders out and safely enjoying themselves. Our bollards protect spectators while blending seamlessly into the environment. Bollards keep a malicious vehicle far from stadiums and the families inside.

Australian Bollards has safeguarded several stadiums and recently provided the Bendigo Easter Festival with temporary bollard solutions.

Temporary event bollards are inconspicuous leasing solutions that blend into the scenery and can be uninstalled at the end of an event. Our designer bollards offer similar features while pleasing the eye. Australian Bollards offer iconic Australian designs such as the Banksia bollard and the Cricket ball bollards.

When the world is watching, try a soft approach to hard security. Australian Bollards products are tried, tested and timeless.

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