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Cabinet Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, Arthur Sinodinos has announced the Australian Government will provide consultancy to owners and operators of crowded places to ensure they are better equipped to protect against terrorist attacks.

With extensive knowledge on VBIED and VBT protection, soft approach solutions which protect against car-borne terrorist attacks and with a team with a national presence Australian Bollards is well-positioned to provide this consultancy to make Australia a safer place.

 On the ABC show Insiders, Mr Sinodinos said “terrorists particularly like the propaganda value of mass casualty events”.

“What we’ve done is put down a policy around crowded places and what we’re saying to owners and operators of crowded places is we’ll work with the full resources of the federal, state and local government… to work out a policy to help you audit your facilities, determine through a security assessment tool, where you have particular issues and then work out a strategy for how you strengthen and fortify these areas so people have a greater feeling of security when they’re visiting.”

Mr Sinodinos said you can’t guarantee an event will not happen, but you can take measures to deter, detect and where possible mitigate any consequences.

“For a long time in Australian we’ve just had a mentality of live and let live and we can walk around doing whatever we want, now we need to have more of a ‘be alert but not alarmed’ mentality which in a security setting of my place of work, my place of entertainment, what measures can I do to give us a greater chance of deterring someone from doing something,” he said.

“It may be as simple as putting bollards in certain places. It may be as simple as putting CCTV cameras in the right places but we’ve got to have that mentality now.”

And it really is as “simple” as a bollard installation.

Our consultants can evaluate the area in which you want protected and provide solutions which will ensure no car can enter creating protected safe zones where people can go about their job, sporting event or concert worry free.

We have a range of solutions that provide a soft approach to hard security, which means the protection won’t come with an aesthetic cost, in fact it can seamless blend into the environment enhancing the look and feel of a space.

And to provide maximum protection against terrorist attacks, we have a large range of solutions which provide VBIED and VBT protection.

We have a long history of creating safe zones through bollards solutions around Australia including Shrine of Remembrance, Media House, Crown Casino, Olympic Park and UNSW.

Australian Bollards is well positioned to work with the Australian Government and owners and operators of crowded places to showcase VBIED soft approaches to hard security so our cities can be well protected from terrorist car attacks with solutions that are architecturally designed to look great too. 

More information about soft approaches to hard security can be found here

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