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When design meets nature – Banksia Light Bollards

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Not all bollards look the same. Even though many look similar, when it comes to light bollards, creativity takes over and beautiful, nature-inspired bollards are made.

Do our new light bollards look familiar? The Australian plant, banksia, was the inspiration behind this design.

The name Banksia comes from Sir Joseph Banks, a British botanist who was part of Captain’s Cook Great Voyage during which they visited Australia and New Zealand, among other countries. He was deeply interested in flora of the countries visited and today approximately 80 species of plants bear his name.

The widely spread banksia plant, indigenous to Australia can be found on the country’s east coast. The shape, colour and structure of the plan served as an inspiration for the new light bollards.

Having in mind their specific shape, size and look, these light bollards can have various applications.

Banksia light bollards would perfectly suit any public garden, park, private garden or yard, botanical garden and any green surfaces which need additional lighting in a natural and discreet form. Due to their specific and unique shape, they would provide a natural addition to green spaces, without compromising the look and feel of the surroundings.

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