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Wheelers Hill calls for more security after ram-raid spree

by: NJM Group Marketing on

A ram-raid spree has left citizens of Wheelers Hill feeling vulnerable and rattled.

Yesterday, two men used a dark SUV to ram into a primary school, a super market and a jewellery store, stealing $1000 cash and $2000 worth of jewellery.

This is not the first time the area has been the target of criminal activity. One trader Desi Konstantinou from Le Boquet Floristry has had her store broken into four times in eight years. Paul Hillis who runs Wheelers Hills Bakery has also had his store robbed only a few weeks ago and calls for more police and security in the area.

While more police officers patrolling the streets could help solve the spike in crime, another option could be both safer and cheaper for the community.

Ramming through glass facades has become more and more normal, as we have seen in recent ram-raids. It’s an easy way for copycats to break in when nothing protects those facades.

However, a few bollards in front of the windows and doors would make such an attack impossible.

Australian Bollards offers a wide range of bollards capable of protecting storefronts against any vehicle.

We deliver hard security with a soft approach, with products that keep store owners and their customers safe while doubling as decorations.

The bollards come in many different designs such as elegant stainless steel, but personalised options are also available. We have for example installed customised powder coated blue bollards in front of the store front of Amart Sports in Castle Hill in New South Wales, seamlessly blending in with the look of the shop.

Wheelers Hill Shopping Centre could benefit from our range of bollards to keep store fronts safe and aesthetically pleasing at the same time, making future ram-raids impossible. 

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