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What is VBIED and VBT protection?

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We have used the terms ‘VBIED’ and ‘VBT’ protection quite regularly in our published content in recent times, but what exactly does it mean to have VBIED or VBT protection?

Well firstly VBIED stands for ‘Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device’ which refers to when a terrorist or deranged person attempts to drive a car loaded with an explosive device into a building or a premises with the intention to detonate the device once the vehicle is in their desired location.

VBT stands for ‘Vehicle Borne Terrorist’ which refers to when a terrorist or deranged person attempts to drive a vehicle into a building or premises with the intention of hitting people with their vehicle.

Unfortunately, the need for such protection in bollard solutions is increasing, and achieving such protection involves a few things.

Solutions in this space needs to protect against someone willing to drive at high speed, with heavy vehicles directly into buildings.

For this reason the bollards need to be high energy absorbing, able to withstand high impact collisions with heavy vehicles.

To achieve this, the bollards need to be made with thick walls, of a certain height and weight and made from steel.

The Australian Bollards team has developed a propriety system which provide the maximum protection to the point where the bollards can’t even be removed by a metal grinder.  

Then there are installation requirements to achieve VBIED and VBT protection.

Bollards needs to be installed within 1.4 metres of each other to ensure cars cannot fit between posts.

Generally these bollards are sub-surface mounted for extra strength but there are many options of surface mounted high impact bollards.

They can be fixed or removal and stainless steel or yellow powder coated.

So for protection from minor car accidents to extra security protection from the most heinous of crimes, we have solutions to fit your premises.

Our sales team would be happy to hear about your needs and talk about ways we can tailor a solution to meet your requirements. 

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