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What can we do to protect pay stations and ATMs?

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These days, there is a large assortment of different machines purpose built for commercial use in public areas. Entrances and exits to shopping centres are fitted with card readers, residential apartments equipped with key code protected technology and automated teller machines (ATMs) are everywhere.

This raises an interesting question; how best do we protect these machines? Damage to any of these devices could have serious consequences and on most occasions, will cause some financial headaches for whatever organisation is repairing or replacing their own machine.

Enter Architectural Shrouds. Fully customisable, these products are offered by Australian Bollards as a means of protecting machines such as pay stations, ATMs, movie kiosks, vending machines and Myki top up units.

These stainless steel solutions are applicable in a range of scenarios and can even be manufactured within a section of wall, perfect for ensuring that there is very little chance of the machine being physically removed from the area.

Architectural Shrouds can also be complemented by bollards in order to maximise protection by safeguarding the device from high vehicular impact. This two layered security measure ensures that not only can the machine not be removed, it will ordinarily be unable to be physically struck by the vehicle.

As mentioned previously, there are a host of different technologies that fulfil a range of different roles in the commercial industry.

Pay Stations

Pay stations are extremely common at shopping centres, major sporting events and can essentially be applied at any location with a large car park that attracts a significant amount of people.

Australian Bollards produce Automated Payment Machine (APM) Shrouds specifically for Skidata’s range of PayStations, industry leaders capable of processing cash, barcode, magnetic, and RFID technologies.

Australian Bollards - Architectural APM Shrouds at Royal Children's Hospital

Used for purchasing parking tickets, the Skidata PayStations requires protection due to the amount of physical cash that is stored inside the machine and the logistical nightmare that would result from damage to the device, namely the potentially severe build-up of traffic within the car park.


An Automated Teller Machine (ATM) is probably the most common example of commercial technology in the everyday world. Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, NAB and ANZ are the four biggest banks in Australia and you would be hard pressed to walk the length of an inner Melbourne street without stumbling across at least one of their ATMs.

ATMs also have the most severe consequences in the event of damage or theft because the machines hold enormous stores of cash, certainly enough to attract the attention of those trying to make a living illegally.

Ticket machines

Whilst similar to pay stations, ticket machines often situated at the entrance and exits to major shopping centres such as Westfield Doncaster and Victoria Gardens are slightly unique. By pressing a button on the machine, the driver will receive a ticket and depending on how long they spend inside the shopping centre, may have to cough up some change at the pay station inside the venue, after which they return their ticket to the card reader on the machine in order to leave the car park.

Australian Bollards protecting Skidata Ticketing Machines at Adelaide Convention Centre

These ticket machines are also equipped with intercoms for speaking directly with shopping centre staff in the event of technical errors or the driver being unable to exit due to an unpaid ticket. The issues with damage to ticket machines is the same as pay stations, with increased traffic congestion and stolen money a distinct possibility.


Myki machines allow commuters to top up their existing accounts or purchase a new card altogether. These units are located at railway stations and are also present at some of the more popular tram stops, namely those throughout the inner city.

The consistent problem of financial loss is again apparent in the event of damage to a Myki machine but the greater issue would be for users of the public transport system, many of whom would be unable to top and as a result, would risk being fined upwards of $200.

Movie Kiosks

Basically vending machines that replace cans of soft drink with new release films, devices like Hoyts Kiosk are often based at the entrance to supermarkets and shopping centres.

Whilst the low cost of renting DVDs in modern society reduces the risk of Hoyts suffering a heavy fiscal hit were one of these machines damaged, protecting these kiosks is more concerned with ensuring customers always have the service readily available.

Regardless of the application, commercial technological machines require significant protection and thanks to Australian Bollards range of Steel Barriers, this is a reality. 

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