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Watergardens Town Centre Undergoes Major Upgrades

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Built in 1997, the Watergardens Town Centre is one of the largest shopping complexes in Melbourne’s north-west suburbs being located in Taylors Lakes. Currently the shopping precinct is undergoing a $50 million redevelopment of its premises.

The redevelopment will see 150 new parking spaces created, a new ALDI retail outlet opening its doors and a new food market called Marketplace.

With over 10.8 million people walking through its doors each year, it is easy to see the Watergardens Town Centre progressing and growing onto bigger and better things in the near future.

With the introduction of 150 new car spots at the shopping precincts eastern car park, Australian Bollards can help create a safer environment for everyone with our range of parking solutions in the AB-WS-1650 and the AB-CWS-1650 wheel stops.

Essential to any car park, wheel stops play an important role in controlling the flow and speed of vehicles. Our wheels stops which are made from concrete or recycled rubber are no different.

Our rubber wheel stops are an environmentally friendly, cost effective solution that comes with black and yellow reflective stripes which makes the product stand out for pedestrians and drivers alike. 

They are also resistant to UV rays and can handle extreme temperatures which make them ideal for car parks that are above or below ground level.

Our concrete wheel stops on the other hand are reinforced with a steel rod which helps add strength and durability to the product which is moulded into one piece.

Recently we supplied several concrete wheel stops at 1 Treasury Place in East Melbourne while we have installed them at locations like Caribbean Business Park in Scoresby and Pacific Fair Shopping Centre at the Gold Coast which help make these facilities safer for all.  

Both of our rubber and concrete wheel stops are compliant with the AS2890.1:2004, which makes them a requirement for any car park.

With Watergardens being such a popular location for thousands of people in Melbourne’s north-western suburbs to meet up, shop or simply relax and have fun, it needs to be adequately protected from vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (VBIED).      

Hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) is a tremendously important part in society and one that must not be overlooked under any circumstance.

Made from concrete, cast iron or granite, our Spherical Streetscape Bollards; that belong to our Vanguard range, are the perfect solution to solving this problem as they can provide protection at shopfront entrances, pathways and at traffic access points. An example of this is seen at the famous Chadstone Shopping Centre. 

Vanguard bollards not only mitigate the threat of VBIED’s but take a soft approach to hard security as they can blend in with the surroundings by presenting an aesthetically pleasing look for shoppers and passersby to admire and appreciate.  

Another solution we offer to shopping complexes are our stainless steel high impact bollards that are sub-surface mounted (core drilled), removable and are perfectly suited to secure and protect shopfronts from ram raid attacks whilst still presenting an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Watergardens will continue to remain open for business throughout the construction of the Marketplace which is scheduled to open in the middle months of 2020.

For more information on our products like wheel stops, stainless steel high impact bollards and our Vanguard range, please give us a call us on +613 9459 3488 or view our website.

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