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Wall Street bollards now in Australia

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Major cities all around the world are trying to find an architecturally pleasing, yet a practical solution to protect government buildings, important sites and any potential terrorist targets, usually located in busy city districts.

Australian Bollards’ range of Wall Street bollards is a custom manufactured and architecturally designed to fit any high security city areas, without compromising the overall city appearance. It can be installed in front of shopping centres, major pedestrian streets, central business districts and similar.

These bollards create an effective and attractive barrier, preventing potential VBIED vehicles from entering the area.

It is a piece of sculpture which could be designed with a slanting surface that offers people a place to sit, making the streets more pedestrian-friendly and showing a way of enjoyable use of public spaces, while safeguarding the area.

Another addition to our range of Wall Street bollards are the NO-GO bollards, created as a modern solution to the typical removable metal barriers. In order to let the authorized vehicles pass, our N0-GO bollards have a rotating feature to handle access control.

Namely, these bollards are placed on top of a turntable and when in normal position, they would block vehicle access. When needed, the base rotates and bollards are positioned out of the way, providing a passage to vehicles. With incorporated LED lights, they also give a clear light signal – red for prohibited access and green for allowed access.

Dense urban areas all around the world need to be properly secured against terrorism and the traffic and pedestrian movements should be controlled and guided during special events.

One of the major events world-wide would be the Expo Dubai 2020, bringing together more than 180 nations, with millions of people visiting. This type of safety solution would be a perfect fit for the Middle Eastern environment as well, as it would be an aesthetic, modern, high-tech piece of work.

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