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Upgrading Victoria’s Future

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Hoping to use it as a push to win next month’s election, Victorian state opposition has unveiled their planned 10-year rail upgrade.
The $19 billion plan will feature 200km/h trains, much like those found in Europe. The aim is to reduce trip times throughout Victoria’s regional areas - a Geelong to Melbourne trip would take only 32 minutes after the upgrades. The focus will initially be on the areas of most congestion – Geelong and Ballarat – and will aim to relieve pressure from Melbourne’s current unsustainable growth.
This plan comes just after another proposition to connect Melbourne’s regional areas via direct train lines Both plans have their merits, and either way will result in much needed improvements to the current system. NJM Group has already been contributing to the current system via upgrades at Hawkstowe Station. NJM Group works tirelessly to manufacture and supply a variety of products designed to make our community safer. This includes:   
  • Handrails  
  • Bollards   
  • Rails   
  • Fences/Barriers   
  • Bike Racks  
  • Electronic Message Displays  
  • Street Furniture
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