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Uni Hill Taking on Public Safety

by: Australian Bollards on

After a brazen ram raid at the Uni Hill shopping centre late last year, Uni Hill have taken precautionary measures to prevent such instances from reoccurring.

Australian Bollards has provided and installed their high impact, energy absorbing bollards solution at Uni Hill in Bundoora to prevent any further incidents such as ram-raids or accidents.

The recent ram-raid at Uni Hill meant that the thieves were able to get away from the scene with over $30,000 worth of jewellery and dished out even more in damages to the centre.

What Purpose do bollards serve?

The high impact energy absorbing bollards are fitted with proprietary security interests which makes them extremely durable and resistant to hard knocks.

The high durability of the bollard means that it will act as a barrier against any hostile vehicle attacks.

Uni Hill shopping centre is a high foot traffic area with many shoppers and workers circling the premises. Therefore, Uni Hill have taken the initiative of protecting these patrons and keeping them safe in their retail journey.

When should bollards be installed?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to know when and if an incident is going to occur. Many times, they are completely accidental and have no planning behind them.

However, the installation of bollards is a fantastic precautionary measure to ensuring safety when and if an incident occurs.

How should you install bollards?

The team at Australian Bollards is proud to provide a full service to their clients. We can supply and install bollards, making it a simple and easy process; all you must do is wait for our trusted team to install the bollards and you’re done.

If you are interested in our safety measures, feel free to contact us on 9459 3488 or look at our website.

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