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Uber Air for Caribbean Business Park

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Uber Air - Melbourne - Australian Bollards - NJM Group

The NJM Group has a long-standing collaborative relationship with the Caribbean Business Park, in Scoresby. We have worked alongside the Caribbean Business Park since 2017, building towards their 202020 vision of sustainability – Australia’s 20% more green spaces in urban areas by 2020. Operating through the NJM Group, we have companies that specialise in certain industry areas; Australian Bollards, Australian Handrails and Australian Glass, who have all completed projects in the Caribbean Business Park.

The NJM Group is excited about our next stage in our working partnership with the Caribbean Business park; a proposition for an Urban Air Mobility (UAM) platform with the Uber Air ‘Skyport’ – the landing platform – at the business park. 

Our proposal is for a rooftop commute, bringing the South-East to the rest of Melbourne. Scoresby is located 30km from Melbourne’s CBD, a perfect location to plan an Uber Air platform. The Caribbean Business Park is one of Australia’s largest business centres, a hub for Australian companies and internationals alike. The Caribbean Business Park recently acquired development of the Hyatt Place Hotel, expecting to open in 2021, solidifying the Caribbean Business Park as Australia’s premier business park destination. 


Caribbean Business Park - Uber Air - Melbourne - NJM Group - Australian Bollards

Earlier this year at the Uber Elevate Summit 2019, Uber chose Melbourne to be the first international test city to launch Uber Air. The Australian Government has a leading reputation of accepting technological and economic innovation; resulting in Melbourne as their international choice. The other two cities to be chosen for the Uber Air trial in the US were Los Angeles and Dallas. 


Choosing Melbourne depended on several key criteria; population size, climate conditions and economic viability. It has the congestion levels of New York City, that combined with the fact that the population of Melbourne is set to double to 8 million people by 2050 made it a viable choice as a test city.  


The air taxi service will be electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircrafts, that are capable of fast, short-range commutes. Uber Air will cost the same as an Uber X for the same distance. An estimated drive of 20 km from the CBD to Melbourne Airport takes between 25 minutes to an hour depending on traffic; Uber Air will take about 10 minutes. 

InsideUberAir - Caribbean Business Park - NJM Group - Australian Bollards

You can order the aircraft via the Uber app, the same way you would order an UberX, and meet it at your nearest Skyport. These Skyports will allow passengers to rideshare across the network of landing platforms.

Uber Air App -Caribbean Business Park - NJM Group - Australian Bollards

The NJM Group believes the Caribbean Business Park is a leading destination for Uber Air’s series of Skyports.

For more information about the work between the NJM Group and the Caribbean Business Park please call today on 03 9459 3488 or visit our website.

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