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Trio uses stolen car in ram-raid against hotel

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St Ives Hotel in Wodonga was ram-raided in the early hours of Tuesday morning. 

A group of three people used a stolen Subaru to ram through the doors of the hotel, only to steal a few bottles of alcohol.

Police believe the ram-raid could be linked to other crimes in the area, for example a recent incident at Albury golf course shop where offenders smashed a window for a packet of chips.

“It’s concerning when we have businesses that are targeted in this manner,” Detective Senior Constable Foots said in an interview with Bordermail. 

“Obviously it’s very costly for the business owners and it’s something we’d like to put a stop to.”

A leading anti-ram raid manufacturer, Australian Bollards offer a range of bollards designed to solve this problem in a cost-effective and simple way. 

Our bollards are designed to protect against ram-raids such as the one at St Ives Hotel. 

Bollards are an effective way of preventing ram-raids and leaves offenders with less options for a spontaneous break in. 

Our bollards come in a variety of designs to cater for various needs. We also offer customisations in the shape of street furniture, planters, spheres or elegant stainless steel bollards with slanting tops like the ones we have installed in front of 50 Lonsdale Street.

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