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Tractor Used to Ram-Raid Shopping Centre

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Thieves used a front loader tractor to ram-raid the entrance of a South Morang shopping centre yesterday before leaving with cash from an ATM. 

A nearby nail salon released security footage of the criminals ram-raiding through bollards and the centre’s front doors at around 1:20 AM on McDonald’s Road. 

The thieves repeatedly smash bollards and the entrance to the shopping centre before gaining access to an ATM inside. 

It is still unknown how many offenders participated in the ram-raid robbery and how much money was taken. 

The tractor was left at the scene along with a “huge mess” and a damage bill estimated “in the tens of thousands” and possible structural damage.

So What Can Stop A Tractor?

While thieves often go to extreme measures to break into a premises, there are high- impact solutions that can prevent ram-raids like this.  

Here at Australian Bollards, our experience in designing and installing both temporary and permanent security solutions for shopping centres spans 26 years. 

As we told The Age last year, our bollards can stop a tank

North Blackburn Shopping Centre’s high-impact stainless steel bollards are Australian Bollards’ “Never Again” solution to the owner’s previous ram-raid attack. 

The bollards installed at the entrance of Blackburn Shopping Centre are 168 mm in diameter, are sub-surface mounted and backfilled with concrete. These bollards provide adequate protection to shopping centres from all unauthorised vehicles. 

A similar solution was also provided to Chadstone shopping centre just last year.

These architecturally designed, charcoal-grey Vanguard bollards weigh from 450 kg to 1.5 tons, keeping shoppers and businesses safe while blending into the building’s design and style to provide a soft approach to hard security. 

We have provided solutions to many shopping centres around Australia, including Watervale Shopping Centre, Toowong Village, and Epping Plaza.

To learn more about our high-impact bollard solutions, feel free to call our sales team on (03) 9459 3488 or view our high impact bollards brochure here

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