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Time To Slow Down

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The most dangerous thing on the road is a reckless driver, one who doesn’t follow the speed limit and endangers other drivers around. Even though there are methods and devices put in place by our government to deter and prevent such drivers from speeding like speed cameras, traffic lights and school zone times, there is still much to do in terms of safety on our roads.

Victoria’s road toll last year was the lowest it has been since 2013 but in 2019 it has unfortunately taken a turn for the worse. The tally sits at 90 fatalities as of April 9th, 32 more than this time last year (55.2%) and 19 more deaths than the average recorded over the past five years.

NJM Group’s Speedoo System is an automatic speed bump which will help make the road safer for drivers and the community.  The Speedoo is designed to discourage drivers on the road from driving above the designated speed limit of the area and hence prevent potential accidents from occurring at all.

Speedoo is able to detect how fast a car is moving via a speed sensor and will then adjust accordingly. If a driver isn’t speeding, the speed bump will remain at ground level and allow the car to drive undisturbed.  If a driver is exceeding the speed limit the speed bump will be activated and lower itself, giving the driver a bump as the car goes over Speedoo giving them a reminder to slow down and not speed.

The use of an automatic speed bump would create a safer environment for all drivers on the road and the community; especially at intersections, blind curves, long stretches of road where drivers may feel too comfortable and around school zones.

There have been previous calls over the past four years for a reduction in the speed limit along the Murray Valley Highway. Last year in August the Coalition promised that if it was successful at the Victorian State Election it would lower the speed limit from 80km to 60km along the Highway through to Strathmerton.

Earlier this year the Victorian Labor Government stated in March that there was to be a reduction of the speed limit along the Highway ahead of the Easter Holidays.

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