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Thieves Ram-Raid Frankston Anaconda Store

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Thieves ram-raided a Frankston Anaconda clothing store on Tuesday at 6:20 AM this week. Police say the men, aged from 25-30 years old, rammed a stolen Ford Territory into the storefront before getting away with thousands of dollars’ worth of North Face clothing. 

A man told 3AW breakfast he saw the black SUV lodged in the store’s front doors about 7:15 AM and alerted authorities. Police are currently investigating the burglary.

How Ram-Raids Happen

Thieves always premeditate their burglaries and ram-raids. They choose which premises to target by studying its security measures and the value of what’s inside the premises.

Ease of access to easy-to-break windows provides thieves an uncomplicated and painless entry point to a premises and they take note of this while preparing their attack.

At Australian Bollards we provide the first line of defence for street facing storefronts like Frankston Anaconda.

We provide high-impact and anti-ram-raid bollards to business big and small with custom quotes and installations depending on your security solution needs.

Powder coated, high-impact bollards are available in customisable colours, shapes and sizes to protect doorways and entrances, roller doors and windows. Thieves will think twice before targeting your store once the right security solutions have been installed at your premises.

Introducing SecureCloak: The Next Line of defence

Ram-raids are only one of the ways thieves will enter a premises. This is why we have developed a cutting-edge technology to protect your assets and staff against smash-and-grabs and burglaries. 

SecureCloak can be activated either by a duress button or once an alarm has been tripped. Within six-to-eight seconds thieves will have zero visibility after being blanketed in a thick and non-toxic smoke.

Day and night-time burglaries and smash-and-grabs can now be stopped thanks to SecureCloak. Thieves normally steal before they leave, but with SecureCloak, they must run before they're done. 

Call Australian Bollards at + 613 9459 3488 or have a look at our website for more information. 

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