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The Wall Street Range - How Safe Are Your Bollards?

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Wall Street Bollard - Australian Bollards

Introducing our latest edition to Australian Bollards, the Wall Street Range. A fixed shallow mounted bollard designed with advanced computer modelling to withstand impact under stress.

The Wall Street Bollard has undergone actual and Finite Element Modelling and Analysis (FEM/FEA) stress testing. It can withstand a 7.2 tonne truck traveling at an impact speed of 64kph. The stress level of the bollard has been tested against directional impact of 90 and 45 degree angles.

Made with Australian reinforced steel and designed with advanced computer modelling, our Wall Street bollard is able to withstand immense impact under stress pressure. It shields as a vehicle security barrier (VSB) against hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) and vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (VBIED). The base structure of the bollard is reinforced with PFC steel beams, bolstering the bollard firmly in place.

A normal bollard with a directional impact of 45 degrees and 90 degrees places enormous pressure on the base, causing the bollard to be pushed backwards, warping its frame, and rendering the bollard inadequate and impractical. Our Wall Street Range are engineered to PAS 68 and IWA-14 international standards, providing a high level of impact resistance and the safest protection against vehicle intrusions.

Here are the thermal pressure readings of the Wall Street fixed shallow mounted bollard being hit by a 7.5 tonne truck travelling at the impact speed of 48 and 64 KPH:

Wall Street Bollard - Australian Bollards

As seen in the thermal images, the force of the impact applies pressure to the bottom of the bollard, however with the PFC reinforced steel base, the bollard is solidified into place, withstanding pressure from the collision.

Wall Street Bollard - Australian Bollards

The bollard can be covered with a sleek design, aesthetically pleasing to its surroundings.

Wall Street Bollard - Australian Bollards

For more information on our Wall Street Range please call today on +613 9459 3488 or visit our website at today.

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