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The ugly side to Melbourne’s bike share

by: Australian Bollards on

Following the release of Melbourne’s new oBike sharing system, a bike has been dumped in Victoria Harbour.

oBike has been receiving a lot of backlash from their sharing system, where bike’s are cluttering streets in countries all over the world.

Not only are they clogging our streets, but they could also taint our beautiful water ways.

If bikes are not removed by councils and left to rot in rivers and water ways, they will destroy our environment.

We can’t expect our councils to clean up and remove bikes because of irresponsible members of our society.

Last week, Wandsworth council had to confiscate 130 oBike’s that were blocking pavements.

This has become a dominant issue with the sharing scheme, and is creating havoc and mess within our city centres.

The company has not come forward with any solutions to these problems, apart from advising twitter users to park their bikes responsibly beside bike racks.

We mentioned in a previous blog post, that oBike had a credit penalty system when users mishandled and incorrectly park their bikes. The company has no say in where their bikes are parked, but a credit penalty isn’t the worst thing that could happen if you were to ditch a bike.

The credit penalty system does not stop someone with a low credit score to ride their bikes, it just raises the cost of hire. Sure, nobody wants to pay $20 for a 30-minute ride but it doesn’t seem like a harsh enough penalty.


These bikes are sending our cities into disrepute. Better management and penalties must be assumed by oBike creators or our councils to keep these spaces uncluttered.

This commenter highlighted that this isn’t just a problem here in Australia, but all over the world.

 Management of bike sharing systems can be more effectively operated with systems like geo fencing. 

Geo-fencing restricts bike’s from being locked outside of a certain area but still can be ridden further. Management will be notified when bikes leave the geo-fencing area, this will make tracking bikes more effective and limits the chances of the bikes being discarded or left to obstruct pathways.

More information in regards to our bike sharing system is on our newly launched page, Australian Bike Share. Our system includes geo-fencing among other effective and convenient solutions to the ones posed by oBike’s. 

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