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The Rising Shield of the Centurion

by: NJM Group Marketing on

Australian Bollards is now offering the Centurion Road Blocker as a solution for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation. This heavy-duty security device has been crash-tested using a 6.8-ton truck going at 80kph, remaining intact and operational after the impact. The surface-mounted road blocker is another great innovation to bring the utility of a retractable HVM device with the convenience of avoiding a deep excavation process.

Unlike sliding bollards, the Centurion Road Blocker does not have anything sticking out while it is retracted, making it blend in more with the environment. When in operation, the LED lights flash a warning to make sure that the road blocker is noticed by drivers. These qualities, along with its quick 3-second operation time, make it well-suited for access control applications.

In addition to being very sturdy, the Centurion Road Blocker is also designed to work in all conditions, being sealed to protect against particulates and liquids, and including a provision for manual operation in case of a power outage.

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