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The importance of safe, practical and beautiful schools

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We all want to have a good experience when we go about our daily routine, whether it’s at the supermarket, the office, the gym or our favourite shopping mall. It’s important to be able to go about business as usual, and to feel comfortable in the process.

Taking our kids to schools should be no different. An inviting environment is paramount for the wellbeing of our children. They should be able to move around freely in pleasant surroundings, so they can focus their energy on their school work.

Feeling comfortable also depends on safety. Australian Bollards takes pride in providing security solutions tailored to individual needs. Our bollards are an unobtrusive method of protection that can complement and even enhance a location.

Bollards can create a barrier between foot traffic and cars to create a safer atmosphere and mitigate accidents like the tragic incident at Greenacre school in Sydney earlier this November.

We can customise the bollards to suit any style. Crayons is one example of what we have to offer. Or what about piles of books, footballs, colourful bubble gum bollards or quirky statues?

If you have ideas you would like to see carried out, or have questions about our soft approach to hard security range, we would love to hear from you.

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