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The Impact Absorbing Benchmark

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A high number of shoppers and pedestrians are expected to be walking around Melbourne in the months leading up to and during the holiday season. Yarra Trams counted over 3.5 million passengers using Melbourne’s tram services each week. They say weekends are even busier, calculating over half a million passengers each day. That is why Australian Bollards is proud to introduce Australia’s benchmark bollard- the Impact Absorbing PAS68 bollard.

These energy absorbing bollards are used throughout Melbourne’s CBD and can absorb the impact of a 1.6 tonne vehicle at speeds of up to 60 kilometres per hour. They can absorb the impact of hostile vehicles most commonly found in areas experiencing large amounts of foot traffic. They comply with Australian and New Zealand Standards. The sub-surface mounted PAS68 Bollard has a concrete foundation to hold in place its reo cage and polyurethane foam sleeve.

Impact Absorbing PAS68 bollards are used widely throughout Australian CBDs. These impact absorbing bollards are Australian made and designed and installed to ensure the safety of pedestrians and vehicles from harmful situations.

Specifically designed to protect pedestrians and drivers, these energy absorbing bollards restrict vehicles access to pedestrian areas and safely decelerates vehicles upon impact to reduce harm to drivers. PAS 68s are available in a variety of painted colours and in stainless steel. They weigh 67.5kgs and stand one meter above ground. Australian Bollards is happy to assist in making pedestrian walks, tram stops and footpaths Australia-wide safe for now and for the future.

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