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The Electric Patrol Car – The Cop the Environment Needs

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Australian Bollards are at the forefront of supporting Victoria Police with the decision to add a fully electronic patrol car to their ranks. This is an attempt to test how feasible the introduction of electronic cars as a permanent feature in the front line of road patrol.

The new patrol car is a customised Tesla Model X that has five doors and two powerful electric motors that can go from 0 to 100 in under 4 seconds and can cost between $136,000 and $182,000. This spectacular car maintains a drag racing record and being completely electronic can be an extraordinary addition to the Victorian police fleet of patrol cars. The Tesla Models X standard model can travel 425km between charges, and a long-range model can travel an average of 575km between charges. This Tesla Model X is completely electronic and does not requires fossil fuels such as petrol and gas to run, making it cheaper and greener to run.

With the effects of climate change and global warming all around us, it’s time we start looking for greener solutions to our everyday lives. The police are doing their part with the introduction of their new patrol car, and Australian Bollards can do their part to assist not only Victoria Police but anyone else who wishes to own or use and electronic car. Australian Bollards are doing their part with our Electric Vehicle Charging Stations as well as planning for the future with our range of electronic vehicles.

Australian Bollards Electric Vehicle Charging Stations are the perfect solution to the environmentally conscious driver who prefer the use of an electronic vehicle. The EV charging station is and intelligent modern charging station that is durable and sturdy and the perfect solution for the electronic vehicle market.

The station has a very small carbon footprint, just like the cars they are built to charge and an innovative design with inbuilt temperature control that has been tested in 50-degree heat and can withstand direct sun exposure and high humidity.  These EV charging stations are available for both commercial and private use.

We also continue to develop more environmentally friendly solutions to other issues, such as electricity consumption. Australian bollards have a range of solar powered lights, bollards and control panels that can be used to reduce the carbon footprint of electronic devices that run for extended periods of time. Australian Bollards also pride themselves on their green ideals, and work hard to reduce their carbon footprint on the world.

One way we do this is by developing safety solutions that are environmentally friendly in the way that they are made of recycled materials. One such example is pictured below.

Pictured below are recycled rubber wheel-stops that Australian bollards had installed at the Pacific Fair Shopping Center in at the Gold Coast to protect the pictured Tesla EV charging stations.

For those who are environmentally inclined, the news that the Victorian police are trialling an electronic patrol car and that the development of electric vehicle charging stations can be readily available to the public through Australian Bollards would be a big leap forward in developing a more environmentally friendly society. For this reason, Australian Bollards tips their hat to the Victorian Police and supports them in the implementation of fully electronic patrol vehicles.

For more information on our EV charging stations and our other environmentally friendly solutions feel free to visit or contact us at and on +613 9459 3488

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