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The AFL Finals - Keeping Australia's game safe

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The AFL Finals return to the fold after the conclusion of the 2019 AFL Home and Away Season where an all time league record of 6,954,187 fans attended the 198 games across the 23 rounds.

Australian Rules Football is arguably the country’s most popular sport and with hundreds of thousands of people expected to attend the AFL Finals series and support their clubs over the next month makes it one of the busiest months of the Australian calendar.

With such a large following, adequate protection must be implemented to keep the public safe from harm’s way and it is something that must be approached with the highest regard.

Australian Bollards is able to provide multiple layers of protection that will give supporters and the general public the peace of mind that they will be kept safe no matter what so that they can enjoy the finals experience. 

Products like our AB-MRS370-PAS68-IWA14-1 Centurion Surface Mounted Sliding Bollard System are an ideal and efficient solution that can protect people from vehicles-borne improvised explosive devices (VBIED) and rogue drivers.

Consisting of sliding and fixed bollards, the Centurion bollard system is also fitted with a built-in drive unit and control board and is engineered to meet PAS 68 and IWA 14-1 standards making it capable of withstanding a 7.2 tonne truck travelling up to speeds of 48km/h. 

Installed in a surface mounted fashion, the Centurion bollard system is best utilised at main entry points  for underground car parks, warehouses, multi-purpose facilities and a range of other locations.

UVEye Inspection Systems is another product from Australian Bollards and the latest software in vehicle threat detection and help mitigate hostile VBIED threats before it has the chance to cause damage on large scales.   

UVEye is an innovative automatic system that uses artificial intelligence and a high-speed-intelligent-image-processing system to scan and inspect a vehicle’s undercarriage structure in order to detect potentially harmful concealed objects like firearms, illegal substances or improvised explosive devices.

Another hostile vehicle mitigation solution we provide is our high impact Event Bollards.

These heavy-duty bollards are designed to protect pedestrians and buildings from VBIED attacks and can be installed on a permanent or temporary basis providing protection at moment's notice.

Finals footy is a wonderful time of the year but it can also be a rather hectic period for everyone involved so the last thing you need to worry about is struggling to find an empty parking spot.

To solve this problem Australian Bollards has devised a solution with our electronic display screens in the E-DS 43 and E-DS 55.

These display screens are easy to use and install and will provide drivers with the parking guidance and information (PGI) they require, giving them a stress free trip and end their parking hassles.

The team at Australian Bollards will provide its customers nothing short of the very best when it comes to asset protection and facility and venue security.

Best of luck to your team as they chase September success, bring on the finals!

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