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Heavy Duty Bollards - Optimal Approach to Infrastructure Safety

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In just the first three months of this year, 30 percent of accidents have occurred from vehicles running off the road. With road accident injuries on the rise, a higher increase in infrastructure safety is required.

Ensuring the safety of not only ourselves, but others around us is extremely important, especially when it comes to the use of vehicles. No matter the situation, incidents involving vehicle crashes, can leave people feeling unsafe.

A young driver in Sydney’s northwest has been fortunate enough to sustain minor injuries after she drove her car through an ambulance station wall at Ryde Hospital on Friday.

The young woman lost control of her vehicle in the hospital car park before crashing through the stations brick wall.  

Luckily, no staff or paramedics were injured at the time of the incident, however, there was major damage to the station wall, while slight damage remained to a few vehicles.

At Australian Bollards, we are committed to providing high quality products to ensure the safety of the community.


The 165mm DIA AB-WT165-Y is a heavy-duty, surface mounted bollard which is easy to install, and can be used in various applications.

Whether its high voltage transformers, wash bays or other utility appliance protection, the installation of this heavy-duty product is bound to reduce the rate of vehicle crashes in various locations, such as police stations, shopping centres, carparks, and even schools.

Back in 2017, Australian Bollards was responsible for the installation of twenty-three stainless steel bollards at the curb of St James The Apostle Primary School at Hoppers Crossing drop-off and pick-up zone.

The installation allowed for a barrier to be created between the students and oncoming traffic. 

These installations allow prevention for other incidents like the Greenacre School incident in November 2017, where a vehicle crashed through a classroom wall.

The bollards are successful in preventing accidents that may cause harm to others effectively, and will help prevent cars from crashing through unprotected buildings, like the ambulance station on Denistone Road.

Incidents that involve vehicle crashes associated with schools, houses and other emergency stations have a chance of reoccurring.

The highly visible, heavy-duty bollard will help to barricade infrastructure, preventing harmful injuries to workers and further building damages. 

To find out more about how Australian Bollards can provide infrastructure solutions for your business, visit our website or call +613 9459 3488 today.

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