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Supermarket Safety Solutions Ready for Checkout

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Like any traffic situation, wheeling a shopping trolley through a supermarket can lead to all kinds of misadventures – customers might get lost in the wrong section, stuck in a bottleneck, or even have a collision.

Shopping trolleys are made to take a few bumps, but the store interior is costly to repair. Fortunately, Australian Bollards offers a range of protective fittings that are easy to install and maintain.

Bump rails are installed low to the ground to stop trolleys before they hit walls, freezers or deli displays. Since they’re mounted on the sides of the structure they’re protecting, it’s easy to clean under them.

A pair of bollards next to each EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) antenna keeps customers from knocking over the sensors of your anti-theft system while keeping the checkout unobstructed.

Running into a sharp corner is painful, so the corner guards have a rounded shape to make the store safer for everyone while also protecting your fixtures from trolley crashes. The stainless steel design comes in three sizes, and it’s easy to remove for cleaning.

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