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In the fight against terrorism, crazed drivers and ram raids, temporary concrete barriers have been placed in Sydney’s CBD in areas such as Martin Place and between Phillip and Elizabeth Streets.

While this is a step in the right direction for protection of our public, more permanent solutions can be revised and implemented. 

At Australian Bollards we pride ourselves on producing products that boast a soft approach to hard security.

Our Streetscape range has the ability to be implemented into popular city centres and landmarks, as a permanent VBIED solution.

By replacing the temporary bollards that some public members call ‘ugly’ with our Streetscape range it will enhance the aesthetic of environments within cities.

Brisbane City Council has also taken a step forward to fortify their streets against crime.

The BCC has placed concrete bollards along the perimeters of Adelaide and Ann St at Kings George Square and at key points at South Bank.

However, the BCC has not yet put up any barricades at Queens St Mall.

The need for protection alongside busy streets at tourist attractions and landscapes is imminent with the terrorism attacks all over the world.

Australian Bollards Streetscape range also offer a Banksia bollard.

The Banksia is an Australian plant that has a light and vibrant look that would perfectly suit any public garden, park, private garden and any green surfaces.

Their unique design would provide a natural addition to the green spaces, without compromising the look and feel of the surroundings.

The materials for the bollards include blue stone and granite to seamlessly blend into a wide range of environments making it ideal of parks, walkways and shopping strips.

The Streetscape range is proving that safety products don’t have to come at the cost of lessening the look of an environment.

In fact, safety products can enhance the aesthetic of an environment as well as adding extra functionality for occupants.

By using these bollards at the likes of Martin Place, the public can have an aesthetically pleasing environment.

This environment can be enjoyed without the constant reminder of impeding terrorism threats that are exuded in the current temporary bollards.

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