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Stumbling Thieves Ram Raid Bottle Shops

by: NJM Group on

Two bottle shops have been ram raided by a Ute in Melbourne’s north in the early Monday morning. The thieves took alcohol and cash from the Watsonia bottle shop but were unable to break into the Bundoora bottle shop 15 minutes later.

Toowoomba’s Universal Drone Store was also ram raided in the early hours on March 1st. Despite ‘rapid reaction’ by security staff, the thieves got away with several drones. 

No one was hurt as the shops were closed at the time but if the shops had bollard protection then these crimes would not have occurred.

Australian Bollards’ Crime Safe Bollards range specialises in ram raid solutions to protect shop owners from crimes such as these.

The range includes high impact bollards that can be either fixed or removable, that shield storefronts and discourage ram raiders.

One such example of a Crime Safe Bollard is our Anti-Ram Raid High Impact Energy Absorbing Access Control Removable AB-CDKL90-Y.

These removable bollards are key operated and are perfectly designed to protect against ram-raiding for both shopfronts and warehouses.

Our Crime Safe Bollards gives our consumers comfort that their assets, staff, and customers are safe at all times.

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