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Streamlining Costco’s construction with Pocket Isolator

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Pocket Isolator by NJM Group has recently been applied at the construction site of a new Costco unit in Epping, with a total of 93 columns requiring form guards.

Designed to streamline concrete construction, a pocket isolator is a unique and innovative product. Due to its effectiveness, it is ideal for large scale projects and significantly simplified the construction process at the Costco site.

A pocket isolator uses 100% Virgin High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) that doesn’tbond to concrete and therefore doesn’t have to be removed. It instead becomes a part of the building structure.

A recycled plastic, HDPE is environmentally friendly, corrosion-resistant and long-lasting. A HDPE pocket isolator is less labour-intensive to use than other form-guards.

Other materials commonly used for form guards such as wood and Styrofoam have to be pulled out after the slab is in place, resulting in cave-ins and wasted concrete.

A pocket isolator, on the other hand, is a leave-in-the-slab solution that prevents chipped slab edges and debris-filled pockets.

Contractors generally work to a tight schedule so any time saved is an advantage. Our pocket isolators are manufactured to be identical, making sure there is no guesswork in the material.

They allow for simultaneous casting of concrete, as well as the option of interior first or exterior first. The HDPE allows for flexibility of casting sequence in a timely manner. With other form guards, a contractor has to determine the sequence of pouring concrete.

Routing and cabling is easy as well because it is possible to use conventional hand tools. Previously, with the use of wooden forms, wiring cables and electrical conduit was a difficult task. It is also much safer to incorporate cables into the HDPE form guards as there is no need for saws which will produce harmful dust and fumes.

Pocket Isolator by NJM Group requires less labour and less material, and the results are more precise, more durable and more cost-effective.

Pocket Isolator is a product engineered by NJM Group to facilitate brands all across Australia.

It’s a modern, innovative solution that helps big businesses like Costco grow by giving them the opportunity to build new franchises effectively and economically.

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