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Store Profits Up In Smoke

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Two thieves used a sledge hammer and angle grinder to break into a Mount Martha IGA earlier this year. One thief used an angle grinder to break through a locked cigarette cabinet while the other filled a trolley with cigarettes. Only four days later, the same IGA was struck again, but this time the thieves removed the entire cabinet and loaded it into their getaway vehicle.

Rod, the owner of the IGA, says he’s spent over $12,000 this year on replacing windows to stop the black-market thieves.

But the real cost can be for the owners- often small, family businesses at risk of theft and robberies.

Cigarettes have become the item of choice for both daylight and midnight thieves due to their ease of access and transport. Another theft in Melton shows robbers using similar techniques to steal cigarettes from a supermarket, this time by tying a tow strap through the handles of the entrance doors before attaching it to their car and ripping them out.

The illicit tobacco industry is estimated at $1.6 billion on the black market each year. But it’s not just organised crime targeting small businesses. Four teenagers are being convicted of a daylight robbery on Miller Street in Thornbury last year. The group used an axe and hammers to steal cash and cigarettes before escaping in their car.

SecureCloak by NJM Group has over 25 years’ experience protecting small businesses from robberies and theft. Using the latest in asset security technology, SecureCloak takes only six seconds to fill a room or a warehouse with blinding non-toxic smoke. This allows store owners to escape the scenario unharmed, while thieves are left confused as to where the goods are and unable to escape with valuable assets.

SecureCloak further protects businesses and their assets by integrating specific DNA strands into the smokescreen which embeds in the thieves’ clothes to make them instantly identifiable to police when under forensic investigation.

This technology is becoming the benchmark of asset and business security around Australia by helping small businesses protect their staff and assets 24/7. Because if they can’t see it, they can’t steal it.

For more information on how SecureCloak can help your business protect its staff and assets, call +613 9459 3488 or visit our website today.

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