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Stay Safe the Fun Way On Children’s Day

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Universal Children’s Day is part of Children’s Week – a celebration of children in Australia. Schools and community groups from around the nation are coming together to hold a variety of events for children of all ages.

One of the objectives of Children’s Week is to recognise the rights, needs and accomplishments of children. One of these important needs is to have safe and engaging environments for learning and play.

Australian Bollards offers bollard options to meet every challenge, with our designer bollard range providing a soft approach to hard security. Flower pots add a touch of nature, while giant crayons and pencils inspire young artists. For schools with a more prestigious image, we offer a variety of steel and stone designs to match the architecture.

To protect events such as those of Children’s Week, movable event bollards can be brought in so kids and parents can relax and have a fun time.

It may sound like baby talk, but Speedoo is the latest in smart speed hump technology. With a smart approach to traffic management, only speeding cars feel the bump while the road remains smooth for everyone else, making driving through school zones less of a hassle.

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