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Station Guard - Keeping your Customers Honest and your Staff Safe

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Imagine you are the owner of a service station; it is late in the day and you have just served another customer. Business is going well.

You see another driver pull up their car next to a fuel bowser and fill up the car. A few minutes later you see that same car driving off from the station without paying for the service you have provided.

If this has happened to you, Australian Bollards has the solution with our Station Guard

The Station Guard is the ideal theft prevention mechanism for locations like a service station. Having the Station Guard installed at the site will help safeguard businesses and stop them being effected from such situations.

The reliable and durable product is surface mounted and is fitted with tyre spikes, with the purpose of deterring potential thieves from achieving their goal and if need be to stop them from escaping.

The owner of the petrol station can automatically control the Station Guard which can be activated at a moment’s notice with the press of a button, thereby responding to the situation and halting the quick getaway. 

The product is best installed at the entry and exit points of the petrol station, providing it with a secure vehicle access control solution and prevent would-be thieves from escaping the premises and avoid paying for petrol.  

This automatic spike barrier system can also be used at other locations like office buildings, high security installations, multi-storey car parks or residential estates.

The Station Guard will help save you and your business thousands of dollars.

With over 25 years of experience in the industry you can be assured that the team at Australian Bollards are always thinking of new and improved solutions to keep you and the community safe from harms way.

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