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Standing up against Security Threats

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Recently, an asylum seeker doused Springvale Commonwealth Bank last November with petrol and set it alight. The attack destroyed the $2.5 million building and injured 33 people, including children.

Security threats put authorites on edge

That’s why authorities reacted with caution when an unidentified item was discovered on Glenferrie Road in Malvern. The road was closed off with the potential threat of a bomb scare, and a robot was deployed to investigate a package left at the side of the road. Traffic and public transport were re-routed until the area was cleared and deemed safe again shortly after 8am.

Increased tension in Perth

A YouTube video uploaded mid-August has increased tension in Perth. The footage shows two people climbing the metal fence to break into the site and running around the stands.

Multiplex, the company managing Perth Stadium, have calmed security concerns by ensuring measures will be implemented to combat security threats. The company says when the stadium is complete and operational next year, hundreds of security cameras will be installed with facial recognition to survey patrons.

However, additional security could be employed with other serious terrorism threats like VBIED attacks.

VBIED bollards, HVM, and security systems is the answer

These are all unpredictable attacks that can be hindered with preventative HVM measures and security systems to ensure all public members are safe wherever they are.

The stadium and other places of significance could install VBIED bollards, PAS 68 compliant bollards or removable bollards to hinder trespassers or VBIED threats. VBIED bollards are able to stop heavy vehicles with their high impact absorbing materials and technology from crashing into buildings and venues where crowds develop.

By using these bollards, vehicles that hold explosives intent for causing injury and harm can be stopped and prevented from hurting the public or ruining buildings. VBIED bollards can also be strategically arranged around venues and facilities to ensure unauthorised vehicles aren’t allowed close enough to damage the facility or injure people.

By installing all possible security preventatives and strengthening our systems and policies around terrorism, we may be able to limit disastrous attacks and keep our public spaces as safe as po

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