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Stanchions – Bringing Safety to Yarra Trams

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A Yarra Tram derailed on Cotham Rd in Kew last Sunday morning, leaving several people hospitalised after the incident. The tram ploughed into the front yard of a block of units in Melbourne’s east following a collision with a car.

This isn’t the first time the number 3011 tram has crashed. Previously, back in May 2016, the same tram smashed through a home in High Street, Kew. And another incident had occurred in July 2013, when number 3011 derailed on the 109 route at Bridge Street, near Port Melbourne.

Australian Handrails provides tram stop stanchions, which are sturdy upright fixtures that are made to support handrails and wires. This means that they are the perfect solution to increase protection to public safety, allowing the prevention of future incidents.

Stanchions are designed to provide a safety barrier between both the road of oncoming traffic and the footpath of passing pedestrians. The use of these barriers is highly encouraged because of their benefits.

Capable of withstanding significant force, stanchions permit the enhancement of providing pedestrian safety. They help shield people not only from some of Victoria’s busiest roads, but will help prevent any trams from colliding with other vehicles if derailing off the tracks.

The prevention of delays caused from crashes and collisions will be reduced by the barriers, ensuring that traffic flows more smoothly.

Stanchions are made from 304 grade stainless steel, available with either a mirror or satin finished. They can be installed in both residential areas and commercial residents.

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