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Stanchion support from Yarra Trams

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Ever wondered what to call those upright posts that provide structural support for safety railing? Well, for your information, these steel contraptions are stanchions and Australian Handrails are aspiring to collaborate with Yarra Trams to implement this product at super stops around Melbourne in the near future.

Super stops are traditionally situated within the CBD and at popular locations like universities, shopping centres and entertainment precincts, featuring protective barriers made up of stanchions, handrails and horizontal wiring. Other common aspects include elevated platforms, Myki top up stations, passenger information displays and sheltered seating.

There is plenty of incentive behind the use of these barriers. First and foremost, the safety of pedestrians is enhanced, as they are now shielded from some of Victoria’s busiest roads by a system reinforced by stanchions capable of withstanding significant force.

The drivers also benefit, as the super stop’s substantial length and visibility alert road users to the presence of a tram platform, affording them the opportunity to slow down and navigate the area cautiously to avoid any kind of accident.

Not only does this contribute to boosting the protection of pedestrians and drivers alike, it also ensures that traffic flows smoothly, as it is not being disrupted by delays caused by crashes or collisions.

Australian Handrails are far from novices when it comes to dealing with the public transport industry in Victoria, having joined forces on a number of ventures with Metro Trains Melbourne, most notably with the installation of architectural metal works at the recent upgrade of Bentleigh Station.

The railing has protective qualities but is equally convenient for passengers who are elderly or disabled, giving them an easier means of accessing the tram. By combining the stanchion and handrailing with a durable wire solution, there is no risk of small children falling from the platform and onto the tracks, therefore avoiding potentially fatal and tragic circumstances.

The stanchions add visual appeal, with the bars available in a polished, number 8 finish that delivers an aesthetically pleasing element to the barrier. Aside from boosting Melbourne’s architectural profile, the stanchions are also weather resistant, engineered to drain water via small holes specifically placed in the steel.

These barriers are not only administered at Yarra Trams super stops. They are equally effective when applied as a basic divider in high traffic situations, serving as a partition between lanes where cars are travelling in opposite directions for additional safety.

With a solution designed to increase protection, convenience and public safety, stanchions from Australian Handrails are primed to deliver.

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