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Speedoo - A Soft Approach to Driver Safety

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The Speedoo system has four parts, three of which are installed at the traffic site. A road module (RM) is integrated into the road, while the sensor unit (R) or radar assesses the vehicle’s speed. The radar is mounted on a post and sends data to the control system from a traffic island or above the road.

The control system is located in an enclosure near the road and actives the road module for speeding vehicles. The control system is connected to the internet and can be remotely managed.

The Speedoo system ensures drivers stay at a safe speed at crossings and intersections. Activated only when a vehicle exceeds the speed limit, the Speedoo signage will alert approaching drivers they are approaching a dynamic speed bump. Speeding vehicles are detected by a radar which activate a hatch in the road, lowering by a few centimetres to create an inverted speed bump. 

 Speeding vehicles will experience the impact of a normal speed bump if speeding, while the road will remain consistently smooth for safe drivers. 


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