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Speeding Drivers Face New Obstacles

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Speeding drivers are a problem we need to overcome. July 7th saw police chasing a speeding couple through Darwin suburbs with speeds reaching over 110 km’s per hour – in a 70 zone. 

And it isn’t a solitary event. Police detected more than 500 speeding drivers across South Australia over the Queen’s birthday weekend last month. 

And it doesn’t always end without incident.

Just two days ago, a Victorian man was caught driving with a blood alcohol percentage of 1.72. He was driving at over twice the legal speed limit, hitting speeds of 150km’s per hour. Less than 24 hours later, a 73-year-old man in a wheelchair was struck by a vehicle in Sydney. 

Is this a road safety epidemic?

What can we do to make our streets a safer place?

Public safety should be a priority. People have a right to feel safe on the streets. We firmly believe that at Australian Bollards, so we act. 

We offer a variety of security solutions. As a leading supplier and manufacturer of Australian speed bumps, we construct them from strictly recycled rubber. They should be placed strategically throughout Australia’s roads, specifically in the pedestrian hotspots such as parks and crossings.

Should speeding occur, we also have methods for minimizing damage and increasing safety for both people and their assets. We supply a range of barriers and bollards, many of which are engineered to withstand high impact from speeding vehicles. They can be positioned outside storefronts, along sidewalks and outside entrances to public areas. In these locations, they will prevent an out of control vehicle from hitting a person or ramming a business. 

We also offer a range of both automatic speed bumps and bollards.

They are an extremely effective tool for protecting high foot-traffic areas while not affecting convenience.

If you want to help combat speeding and are interested in our range of products, feel free to call us on +613 9459 3488 or visit our website for more information.

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