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Solutions by Australian Bollards in the face of potential threats

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Considering the security and safety of our community and environment is a realistic and practical approach in today’s turbulent climate involving terror attacks, unpredictable hazards and potential threats. Australian Bollards understands that in order to successfully protect ourselves from these unprecedented risks, efficient steps must be taken.

Three proven solutions by Australian Bollards

Australian Bollards believes in taking the soft approach to hard security. We offer a range of three proven solutions we believe will guarantee you in better securing yourselves and the community if these unfortunate events should occur. 

  1. Centurion Sliding bollard system. These bollards are surface and shallow-mounted, engineered by AB to comply with PAS68/IWA14-1/K12/M50 standards. The sliding bollards slide horizontally to let traffic pass, making them the most efficient and widely-used bollards in the market today. These bollards are designed to stop a 7.2 tonne truck traveling at approximately 48 km/h, as the main feature Centurion Bollards are used for is for hostile vehicle mitigation, to protect from terrorist attacks. We are able to design these bollards according to your preference; with a mild steel or stainless-steel ballistic sleeve. Centurion bollards are also ideal in regulating public congestion in relevant situations where there may be a public event, for example. The Centurion’s special feature allows it to be controlled wirelessly to provide access to emergency vehicles in pedestrian areas while blocking regular traffic. However, they are most commonly used for protection and safety services. 
  1. Static/fixed PAS68 bollard system. The specifications, designs and uses for this type of bollard are based on their footing designs. They are designed to protect people and properties against hostile and runaway vehicles. Static PAS68 bollard systems may be shallow- or surface-mounted. The Shallow Mount Protective Bollard has proven levels of security performance, capable of withstanding the impact of a 7.5 tonne hostile vehicle at speeds of up to 48 km/h. AB’s surface-mounted bollards range among many bollards, including our Stainless-Steel Designer-Curved bollards (fitted with a shock- and energy-absorbing surface that prevents serious injury and harm in an event where there may be sudden collision forces.

  1. Truck stoppers are surface- and shallow-mounted systems. Surface-mounted truck stoppers can be fitted straight onto the concrete surface without having to dig up the existing surface and will still give you the full protection, while shallow-mounted truck stoppers are economical, aesthetic, small and easy to install. 
Australian Bollards’ guaranteed finesse of services

Australian Bollards has consistently provided quality products and services that meet, exceed and improve client expectations. We do this while engineering our products to meet international standards such as PAS68 which is the most recent industry standard set in 2013, as well as IWA14-1/K12/M50, which is an impact testing standard relevant for the solutions mentioned above. Australian Bollards are quintessential Australian manufactured, designed and sourced products which give local, as well as international customers a sense of security with our consistency and obsession with quality and safety. 

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