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Solar lights: A low-cost and low-maintenance solution

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 Shared expenses between stakeholders in residential areas, business precincts or even between neighbors can be an inconvenience.  

Traditional lights are expensive and run on electricity that is billed at regular intervals, making splitting expenses cumbersome.  

Solar lights is a straightforward, low-cost, low-maintenance solution. They only require a one-off payment to be installed and are no cost to stakeholders once established.

Wall mounted solar lights are durable, economical and green and can be installed anywhere. They are built for commercial use, hard wearing and corrosion resistant, but with an elegant design that suits any environment. 

Facilities with large open spaces would benefit from our solar lights due to their excellent light output compared to others on the market. 

The wall-mounted solar lights are easy to install and don’t require any wiring, making it a virtually free solution once installed. 

They turn ON and OFF automatically by detecting daylight, and their long life battery store the sun’s rays as electricity. At night the light is then produced by drawing back from the battery. 

The system is extremely reliable – simply set it up and leave it be. 

Solar lights by Australian Bollards is the most sensible illumination solution for shared areas. Visit our website to learn more about our wall-mounted solar lights or see our full range.

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