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Smarter Speed Humps

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Speed Humps are a very effective solution in slowing commuters to a safe driving speed.

However, for all its benefits, there are some major downfalls to the humble speed hump.

Speed humps force drivers to go well below the speed limit to safely travel over the bump, creating inefficiencies, as well as car using more petrol and making more noise to travel the same distance.

Speed humps can also damage car suspensions and cause discomfort or injury to car occupants, particularly if they are elderly, infants or injured. 

This is where the future of speed humps provides a far superior alternative where all these downfalls are avoided.

Smart speed humps have sensors which determine how fast the approaching car is travelling. If the car is exceeding the speed limit, a hatch is activated creating an inverted speed hump.

This means anyone travelling at an appropriate speed will not be affected by the speed hump.

Emergency vehicles can override the smart speed hump to be able to travel over it at high speeds without affect.

NJM Group is proud to be bringing tomorrows road solutions today to improve the road experience for all. 

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