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Small businesses get big protection

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Hard working Aussies take huge risks putting their life savings into fulfilling their dreams of opening small businesses.

These entrepreneurial minded people contribute greatly to our society stimulating the economy, hiring locals and providing valuable goods and services to the community.

And while there will always be some level of risk when running a business there are things that can be done to mitigate some of that risk and protecting your shop front is a key area of protection.

Bakeries, restaurants, retailers and cafes owners can be guaranteed peace of mind that their shop front is protected from ram-raids and vehicle accidents with a simple bollard installation.

A coffee shop down the road from our Melbourne warehouse has done exactly this, installing bollards around the premises giving them 360-degree protection.

Gridlock Coffee Roasters went for CDKL90s which provide very solid protection with removable functionality. 

These bollards are key lockable so it is as easy as turning a key to pull them out during hours of operation and locking them back into place at the end of the working day.

This charming small business is adding vibrancy to our local area and we are thrilled to have our solutions give the owners peace of mind that their shop front is secure. 

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