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Security experts: anti-terror measure ‘vital’ at Adelaide Oval

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Anti-terror measures have been planned at Adelaide Oval in order to protect patrons and staff due to recent vehicle-borne attacks overseas and in Australia.

The security measures will consist of more than 200 fixed and retractable bollards. With a budget of $5 million, SA has truly taken on responsibility to protect against vehicle-borne threats.

According to security experts, such security measures are ‘vital’ at venues like Adelaide Oval.

Terrorism expert David Olney said: “It’s very important to have a proper system in place… this is why the planning took so long.”

Experts at Australian Bollards agree hostile vehicle mitigation measures are paramount to protect iconic venues such as sporting precincts, museums, social hubs and shopping centres as they are often the targets of terrorist attacks.

Australian Bollards offer a variety of solutions to mitigate vehicle-borne threats. We understand security at culturally significant sites needs to meet aesthetic standards, which is why we take a soft approach to hard security when designing our solutions.

Our VBIED bollards come in a range of designs and materials such as granite, stainless steel and concrete.

They are designed to offer an aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional bollards. One example is our stainless steel designer curved bollard. Other stainless steel options include our VBIED hydraulic bollards ideal for vehicle access control.

More artistic designs such as black granite spheres or even street furniture are an option as well, or we can tailor make a unique solution specifically for the venue.

Custom made bollards shaped as cricket balls or footballs would suit Adelaide Oval while providing permanent protection against vehicle-borne threats.

We are pleased Adelaide Oval is taking public safety seriously and we encourage other venues to follow their lead.

Security has the potential to be a cohesive part of the aesthetic of any surroundings. Australian Bollards can help with providing the best solution.

Call us today on +613 9459 3488 to know more about our Soft Approach to Hard Security solutions, or have a look at our online catalogue.

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