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Security expert endorses bollards at government buildings

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The Department of Social Services in Canberra has implemented bollard a solution around its new building. 

The static bollards are a standard security measure according to a spokesperson from the department. They are there to protect against ram-raids and VBIEDs (Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Devices). 

Security expert and executive chairman of Homeland Security Asia/Pacific, Roger Henning, agrees that the bollards are necessary. 

"I would totally endorse the investment," Henning said in an interview with Fairfax Media. 

He continued to point out that "government buildings and facilities are potential targets for terrorists and people who are disturbed and people who have a grudge. The professionalism that involves the protection of government facilities in Canberra is spot on, there's always a need to constantly review physical protection."  

The new government building houses 2,500 staff who can now feel safe at work, thanks to the bollards. 

A leading Australian bollard manufacturer, Australian Bollards specialises in anti-ram raid and VBIED bollards, designed to protect any premises against vehicle-borne threats. 

Our security experts agree with the importance of bollards at government buildings and other potential targets of vehicle-borne attacks such as sports stadiums, events and culturally significant buildings. 

Only earlier this month, a car tried to breach the security complex at the White House, but was stopped by bollards. This incident made it clear how important bollards are. 

The bollards at the new Department of Social Services in Canberra are an elegant steel version, but bollards don’t have to look one specific way. 

 In fact, Australian Bollards manufactures a wide range of designs such as planters, benches and granite spheres. Tailored designs are also an option. Our Soft Approach to Hard Security range includes bollards shaped as pencils, cricket balls, clams or puppies, and we can also create custom designs based on the customer’s requirements. 

If you would like to know more about our range, please see our Soft Approach to Hard Security catalogue, visit our website or get in touch with us on (03) 9459 3488.

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