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Security concerns after Bourke Street Mall breach

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A car driving through the tram only section of Bourke Street Mall has fuelled questions of if protection on the famous shopping strip is adequate.

Witnesses said the P-Plater driver looked confused before accidentally taking the wrong turn.

This comes just over a year from when the Bourke Street Mall massacre occurred.

Victoria Police Minister Lisa Neville said the government was looking into mechanical bollard installations on tram tracks which would only allow access to trams and emergency vehicles.

The Australian Bollards team has developed a proprietary pneumatic bollard system which can provide this solution.

The Australian Bollards team has a proprietary pneumatic bollard system which can provide this solution.

The system features integration capabilities which can facilitate wireless communication between public transport systems and emergency vehicles and the pneumatic bollards.

This means the bollards can rise and fall to allow authorised vehicles through without vehicle drivers needing to touch a button.

When it comes to CBD safety, efficiency is key as thousands of people through the streets every day.

Our automated solution can achieve this efficiency, but a rapid response police unit is also essential in CBD areas.

Together our proprietary pneumatic bollard system and the police force can work in conjunction to shut down any car-based threat as efficiently as possible.  

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