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Securecloak: Protecting your staff and assets 24/7

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Australian Bollards offers protection at every level. Not only do we specialise in bollards, we also provide a range of cutting-edge security technologies.

One of our innovative solutions is Securecloak, an anti-theft device activated by a duress button that engulfs burglars in a non-toxic smoke in a matter of seconds, preventing them from seeing what’s going on around them.

The smoke takes only six to eight seconds to fill a room and even less to be effective as a distraction mechanism. The shock effect will make most burglars bail, but if they stay they will soon find out theft is impossible.

When the full effect takes place, the smoke is thick like a blanket with zero visibility. The burglar finds himself surrounded by a wall of white on all sides. 

Equipped with thermal imaging glasses, police arrives and immediately locates him.  

If the burglar was smart and decided to run earlier, he wouldn’t get far. A traceable DNA element can be added to the smoke, latching onto crevices and fibres on his person that can later be detected by police.

Securecloak is a hundred per cent safe and effective burglary deterrent that would change the game for jewellery shops, tobacconists , bottle shops, car park APMs (Automated Payment Machines), banks, or even ATMs where CCTV cameras, alarms and other security measures have proven ineffectual.

It is not limited to only one type of situation. Securecloak can be effective in just about any scenario where protection is needed. It can also be used in schools, government buildings, art galleries, or warehouses to deter vandals. It could also be mounted on armored cars.

Securecloak is a turnkey solution that can be used on its own or in combination with other Australian Bollards crimesafe solutions such as anti-ram-raid bollards.

Anti-ram-raid bollards can be installed in front of doors, roller doors or shop fronts to prevent thieves from using a car to break in. 

Imagine a ram-raider isn't deterred by the bollards. He tries to ram-raid the shop, and drives into the bollards with high speed. When the bollards don't move, he decides to opt for a normal break-in. But Securecloak was already activated by the time he hit the bollards. The shop is filled with smoke, and he has to leave empty-handed. 

Our anti-ram-raid bollards is one level of protection. Securecloak adds a second. Together, our system makes stealing virtually impossible.

One of the problems with traditional security measures is that it doesn’t work right away. Thieves usually have ample time to break in and leave before police arrives. 

Earlier this year, during the holiday seasons, it took only four minutes for two ram-raiders to steal thousands of dollars’ worth of jewellery from a shop in Bundoora. It was too short time for anyone to react. With Securecloak, the thieves would have had to abort mission after just a few seconds. 

And if the shop had installed bollards as well, the thieves would probably have been deterred before even considering a ram-raid. 

Thieves normally steal before they leave, but with Securecloak, they have to run before they are done.  

Call us today on +613 9459 3488 for more information about the crime stopping device that puts an end to thuggery in your store.

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