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SecureCloak - Protecting Your Assets

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Identity theft is a growing issue in today’s society. There appear to be new scams each day attempting to steal your personal information. This is commonly seen through bank theft.

Between April and July in 2017, three ATM’s in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs were the scene of a customer fraud crime where two men attempted to scam ATM customers over a three month timeline.  

The shops affected by the fraud were Dingley Discounts in Dingley Village, Just For Men in Forest Hill and a NAB bank on Glenferrie Road in Hawthorn.

In each of the three ATM’s a skimming device and pinhole camera were located clearly with the aim of stealing customer’s card data and PIN details.

Two criminals were recently found guilty of the crime last Friday and sentenced to time in prison, but how can one prevent situations like this happening again and again.

In the future, situations similar to the ATM tampering at Dingley Village, Forest Hill and Hawthorn will become a thing of the past with the introduction of SecureCloak. SecureCloak is a recent innovation designed by Australian Bollards to thwart thieves and burglars from physically tampering ATM’s, prevent unauthorised access to one’s personal details and breaking into premises.

SecureCloak is effective within six to eight seconds of activation as a cloud of non toxic smoke is released into the vicinity giving thieves zero visibility of their surroundings. Paired with an audible alarm, SecureCloak will stop thieves in their tracks causing them to abandon their expedition and flee before any damage is done.

It is the ideal protective mechanism for jewellery stores, shops, banks and other various retail outlets from break-ins and ATM tampering.   

SecureCloak is the future of theft prevention helping to create a safer community where they are protected from these situations occurring.

Visit our website or call us today on +613 9459 3488 for more information about the crime stopping device that puts an end to thuggery in your store.

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